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Politics: Where Next?

Mar 6, 2020

This week, we discuss COVID-19 and ask: how it will change our politics.

Gary chats to Matthew Taylor, former Head of Policy for Number 10 under Tony Blair and now Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, and Danny Finkelstein, columnist for The Times and a Tory peer.

Feb 28, 2020

This week we are looking at the negotiations for the new relationship with Europe as we now have the opening positions of both sides.  

As the British document was published on Thursday, Gary Gibbon caught up with Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government and Same Lowe of the Centre for European Reform to wade...

Feb 21, 2020

This week, after decades of signing up to the EU policy of free movement of people, Boris Johnson announced Britain will halt low-paid immigration with just a few exceptions at the margins  - and he'll make high-skilled immigration a little easier if you're outside the EU.
The day after the announcement, Gary...

Feb 14, 2020

This week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid resigned.
A few hours after the announcement, Gary sat down with Lord Nick Macpherson, who ran the Treasury as its Permanent Secretary for 11 years under Labour, the Tories and the Coalition.
He was also joined by Torsten Bell, Chief Executive of...

Feb 7, 2020

This week Gary sits down with two guests on the eve of the Irish general election.
He speaks to Denis Staunton of the Irish Times and Patrick Maguire of the New Statesman to discuss the Sinn Féin surge and what this election means for Brexit trade talks and for a united Ireland.
Producer: Rachel...