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Politics: Where Next?

Oct 26, 2018

It was the slogan coined by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and then picked up by Prime Minister Theresa May and the rest of her Cabinet: Global Britain. Post-Brexit, are we going global, or going it alone? Gary chats to pro-Leave former Labour MP Gisela Stuart and pro-Remain former Paris ambassador Lord Peter...

Oct 19, 2018

After Brexit talks stalled last weekend, the EU leaders begged Theresa May to come to the Brussels summit with new concrete proposals. There wasn't really time for that but she did talk about the possibility of extending the standstill transition. Amidst the uncertainty of negotiations, Theresa May insists: Britain...

Oct 12, 2018

Last week Theresa May declared austerity was over. This week former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said it was still rampant and welfare cuts could lead to riots on the streets. The man who was godfather of the austerity project George Osborne began it all with his budget eight years ago. How does he reflect on his time as...

Oct 11, 2018

In these tumultuous political times, does anyone know where it's all heading? Join Channel 4 News' Political Editor Gary Gibbon and guests as they thrash out the possibilities.

Produced by Sarah Gough.
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